20 Menachem Av: How to Add the “Alef”

The Rebbe mentions numerous times in these talks that everything that is necessary for the Geulah is already here, we simply need to add the letter “alef” to the word gola (which means exile), thereby transforming it to Geulah.  But what exactly does it mean to add an “alef” to the exile that we are in? There are […]

Yechidus, Eve of the Tenth of Sivan, 5751 (1991)

1. We will open with the traditional blessing offered by Jews when they meet each other, Shalom Aleichem. Even when a person meets children who are not necessarily able to respond Aleichem Shalom, one should train them to greet each other in a manner of peace. Indeed, in the case of children, the concept of […]

Achrei-Kedoshim 5751: Using Out Golus to Make Geulah

Dvar Malchus Achrei-Kedoshim 5751 Geulah is made from Golus (Exile) With the heady excitement that comes when one begins to feel what the Rebbe has been expressing in the recent sichos–that we are truly on the cusp of the coming of Moshiach and the revelations of the true and complete Geulah–it could be possible to feel the […]

Tazria-Metzora 5751: Spiritually Complete But Still Suffering Exile

Dvar Malchus Tzaria-Metzora 5751 This Generation is Completely Rectified; Remaining External Signs of Disease Can Be Rectified Through Torah—Learning About Moshiach Speeds Geulah. For this sicha it is necessary to define the following terms: Tzora’as—a supernatural illness where certain types of lesions appear on the skin (not the physical disease of “leprosy”); Metzora—One who suffers from […]

Shemini 5751: Unifying the Limited and the Unlimited

“Putting the Alef into ‘gola’ to make ‘Geulah’–Unifying the Limited and the Unlimited” Shemini (“Eighth”)—Higher Than 7 and 8 Periodically parshas Shemini (“Eighth”, referring to the 8th day of setting up the Mishkan in the desert) is read 8 times (this occurs outside of Eretz Yisroel in a year when the Yom Tov of Pesach falls […]